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Did you know that your car is generally your second largest investment just under owning a home? That is right but yet a number of consumers don’t maintain their car with that same regard. A number of people take their car for granted until…. it’s too late! That is when the repair costs really add up. Here at Stevens Auto, we like to help each customer understand that regular maintenance is what will keep your car safer and on the road longer! Maintenance of your cars fluids, battery, and tires will help in getting more reliability and better gas mileage from your car. If these core items are not maintained, other hardware damage starts to occur.

We offer recommended mileage interval maintenance as well as pointing out anything else we my discover during routine servicing of your vehicle. We are aware that you may not choose to repair or service your car per our recommendations, BUT at least you have the information to make that choice yourself, before your car makes it for you!

We can help with just about anything from bumper to bumper. Some of the services we offer are: Scheduled maintenance services, Oil changes , tune-up , Brakes , Steering & Suspension repairs , Alignment , Electrical ,  Diagnostic , Engine Perfornance , Transmission service or replacement , Clutch , Tires  new and used , Drive line and drive shaft repair or replacement , Valve adjustment , Check Engine Light diagnostics and repairs , Emissions service and repairs ( or better know as DEQ or DOE ) .